Stylish, Affordable, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier- Sherpa

Sherpa brown pet carrier
Mibo and his Sherpa brown pet carrier

Mibo is a 23-pound French Bulldog. In the picture is a brown Sherpa pet carrier in size L. He can lie down comfortably in a size Large, but he can’t stand up with the top zipped all the way. You can find the exact model here:

Sherpa brown pet carrier in size large Large
Both sides are see through, making it super easy to monitor your pet!

This travel-friendly, airline-approved carrier has been the go-to carrier for many pet owners. In fact, we have encountered many pet owners at the airport who carried this exact model but in different colors. Black is the more popular model I’d say. But hey, I think the brown color is more unique and compliments Mibo’s fur very nicely so I went with the brown.

Sherpa brown pet carrier
A flat side pocket is great for storing your pet’s travel documents.