LVL Hydration Monitor

LVL hydration monitor
It can’t run Crysis, but it will help you outrun your midlife crisis. $200

Quick, tell me what would be the most useless wearable device you could think of? How about a smartwatch thing that tells you if you’re thirsty? I’ve seen the LVL Hydration Monitor catch a lot of slack on the internet lately, but hear me out: I actually think this thing is cooler than hell. Look, it’s a lot more complex than telling you if you’re thirsty. Most of us don’t really know how much water you should drink in a day. We’ve all heard that 6-7 glasses per day answers the question of how to stay hydrated, but the real amount varies from person to person. The LVL actually has sensors built into the bottom that are able to read the amount of water in your body and let you know if it’s time for a nice cold one with the boys. No, actual water, not Natural Lite (OK that probably counts too).