Ember Temperature Control Mug

ember mug
No, it doesn’t listen to your conversations

There are tons of mini hot plates out there that heat up ordinary coffee mugs. The cool thing about this one, however, is that the heating element comes from inside the mug itself. That’s right, when you get called into that pointless “Quarterly Review” meeting, you can’t take your USB mug heater with you. Your coffee gets cold, you fall asleep, get fired, then lose your home. Now the only coffee you can drink is made in a percolator over a campfire below an underpass. Seriously, this mug is literally job security. For about an hour and a half, your coffee (or whatever you’re putting in here, you weirdo) will stay precisely at the temperature you set it to, as long as it’s between 120°F–145°F. It is $100, but it’s way better that your boss’s mug that reveals the “Hang in There” cat when it gets hot.