MTG Platinum Electronic Roller

This best-selling platinum-coated and waterproof facial roller with a gentle microcurrent has been so extremely popular in Japan for years. And now is available in the U.S.! Its special multiangular...

Chanel Lacquered Beauty Box

Anyone who wears makeup would absolutely adore this luxurious, classic beauty box from Chanel. It has the signature Chanel beauty design with a white Chanel logo on the center. The...

Ridiculous Ten Pound Toblerone Bar

Wanna impress a girl and prove that you’ll definitely provide a lifetime supply of chocolate for her? (lol) Here you go. This 4.5 kg, just a tad bit under 10 pounds Toblerone bar is probably designed solely for this purpose.

Aura Smart Connected Picture Frame

This smart connected picture frame by Aura is nothing but a perfectly designed smart device with advanced features such as gesture sensors that allow you to scroll or change photos with a wave of the hand. Also, its built-in light, proximity, and presence sensors will adapt and dim to its surroundings, making it extremely sought after.

BVLGARI Le Gemme Discovery Kit

A selection of six flamboyant gemstones that each contain 10 ml of unique and noble scents. The precious stones are beautifully presented in a black jewelry box, almost like opening up a brand new high-end jewelry box from Bulgari.